little bit about myself
Published on October 5, 2003 By SuperheroCanadian In Misc
Hello, i am Will Russell, also known as Superherocanadian at wincustomize, i make various forms of computer art, from basics skins to 3d design and even a small webcomic in my spare time. I post my images i make over time, here as well as in other places across the web. But i want to keep close ties to the stardock community, because its an enjoyable place to be.

As I am one of the younger members of wincustomize and have grown up a bit from being around the forums and submitting, i know alittle bit of what goes on. My main contribution to wincust is walls, and i might end up posting multiple previews of walls im producing just for kicks.

I am young yes, but i may have something to contribute, and hopefully will makea better hoime for myself in this place.

Cheers Will
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